Intense casting!

Just a quick post, since I've been busy and have a lot of sawing and sanding to do. In my casting class, we were given the assignment to create multiples, using a mold. Fun! My first two molds didn't work, but my third one works like a charm! I created a very simple shape from 16g wire and built two trees. The first one (above) didn't cast all the way, which was a little discouraging and we almost didn't cast the second flask. But we did, and look at how beautiful they are! I'm actually not all that disappointed by the half-formed ones, as I think they provide a sort of "step by step" towards forming the whole shape. Now I must go finish sawing and sanding the sprues off...or at least tackle a lot more before tomorrow!

Got off to a bit of a late start from blogging when I got home from work :)



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