It's not all rejection.....

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

After my experience at the gallery this morning, I was a little dejected, yet hopeful. I've started designing additions to my current lines, and immediately ordered more silver wire and sheet, and even a little bit of gold wire (I'm trying to incorporate gold into my work gradually). It's actually a great experience being told that you need to make "sets" of things in order to have a cohesive feel to your production lines. It was something I needed to be told, and a good push in the right direction.

This afternoon, I discovered that I'd sold my first piece on Etsy (above)!!! Holes in my Heart has found a new home, and I'm so happy. I love this piece, and I loved making it. I am excited for someone else to enjoy it now. Also, I am being commissioned by the same person to make another piece....I don't know if it will work design-wise, but I can definitely give it my best.

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