It's not all rejection.....

After my experience at the gallery this morning, I was a little dejected, yet hopeful. I've started designing additions to my current lines, and immediately ordered more silver wire and sheet, and even a little bit of gold wire (I'm trying to incorporate gold into my work gradually). It's actually a great experience being told that you need to make "sets" of things in order to have a cohesive feel to your production lines. It was something I needed to be told, and a good push in the right direction.

This afternoon, I discovered that I'd sold my first piece on Etsy (above)!!! Holes in my Heart has found a new home, and I'm so happy. I love this piece, and I loved making it. I am excited for someone else to enjoy it now. Also, I am being commissioned by the same person to make another piece....I don't know if it will work design-wise, but I can definitely give it my best.



  1. Catherine,

    love the new piece...not much into making art myself, but more like admiring it from afar made by those who have the talent...

    Congrats on your first sale...!

    Take care,


  2. You have a great attitude about the gallery thing! I am still too chicken to even try! Im sure you will find the right space for your work! Good luck:)

  3. Thanks guys!!! I'm also quite happy to see people are reading my blog :D


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