Sammy here, for another late Caturday post....mommy was too tired last night to type this all up for me. Anyway...today is a very special day. It's Daddy's birthday!!! And his golden birthday at that. We love daddy and hope he has a very special day, after all this cleaning is done for the party. I love it when the humans clean, because I get to roll around in dirt piles!

Mommy took Amber and me out for a walk in the garden today. Amber climbed a tree, but I couldn't because my claws got trimmed the other night. So I ran away and almost choked myself on my leash--ouch! I hope we get real harnesses soon. And collars with tags. It's been really nice having mommy around all week....we got lots of cuddles all throughout each day. I especially love to curl up right in front of her screen and watch her....and then watch the screen....and that funny little arrow thing!

Oh yeah, last weekend, mommy and daddy found two lumps on Amber's right hind leg. Mommy thinks they're abscesses, but the vet at the emergency room (they took sis there since she had a temperature) said she hadn't seen abscesses that small. Apparently she tried to get some fluid out with a needle but that didn't quite work so mommy and daddy got some antibiotics for Amber. She sure hates them, too! Mommy has to wrap her up all tight in a blanket before giving them to her or else Amber scratches her. Anyway I think she is going to the dr. again this week to figure it all out.

And on that note, I'll leave you with some funny pictures mommy found of us playing with the green feathery thing. Oooh, grandma brought us these fun cube things that we can crawl in and out of and roll around in...we love them!



  1. YAY! I love you...more than anything.



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