Cuttlefish Bone Casting

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While Dave and I were at Art in the Pearl on Labor Day, I discovered Alexandra Forsythe of Forsythe Designs. I have never really liked the texture of cuttlefish castings, but for some reason, I absolutely LOVED her rings! Instantly, I wanted to learn how to make them. Or teach myself.

I'd signed up for a casting class already, and knew that cuttle bone casting would be the first project. The first cast I did, was in bronze, but the sprue channel was too small, and I poured too fast, which caused the bronze to hop over the cuttle bone and onto the stones. Some made it in, but not enough. Still determined, I purchased silver casting grain yesterday and went back to the studio to try again. This time I used a ring of my own to press into the cuttle bone, and was very technical about the whole set up. I made notches to line everything up properly, made the sprue channel larger, and this time, I poured much slower and made all of the silver in. I actually had a pretty large button, which I've sawed off. The half-way finished product is below. I still have yet to finish filing, polishing, and add a setting (with Labradorite!) in the middle. The picture isn't so great, but I'll take a better one with Dave's fancy camera later.
The way that I made the casting was by using two halves of cuttle bone. I think next time, I will simply have the casting in one half, and the other part flat. Otherwise you end up with a seam down the middle, and while I looks interesting, I am a perfectionist. I'm looking forward to trying again this weekend! Dave thinks I should call them "cuddle rings"....har har :)



  1. I haave not yet tried my hand at cuttlefish casting but I have been anxious to try it soon. The Forsythedesigns rings are fantastic! Keep up the good work.


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