Girl Time

Okay, so you've all met Sammy by now....he's my brother (see previous Caturday post). My name is Amber. Sammy and I are not just brother and sister, but best friends. Mommy and Daddy were actually going to just adopt Sammy, but Daddy's brother told them that he and I played together all the time, so they decided to take me home, too. I've turned out to be a little more of a handful than they expected. While Sammy is purry and cuddly and licks a lot, I am a little weaker, and a little more high maintenance.

You see, on my first vet visit, Sammy and I got our first round of shots, and mommy took us home, dropped us off, and left to run errands. I think she just thought we'd be tired the whole day, and be fine like most kitties. Weeelllll...I ended up throwing up twice, and had a fever. Luckily, January (mommy's friend) was home with us and was able to clean it up. So when mommy returned home, she found out what happened, called the vet and took me back for them to monitor me. They gave me a Benadryl shot and I stayed there for a few hours, just to make sure I was okay. It turns out that I had a "reaction" to the vaccine, so now whenever I get shots, I have to be pre-treated with Benadryl and can only get one shot at a time. Oh yeah, and tomorrow I have to go to the animal hospital because there's this funny bump on my right leg, and it kinda hurts when people touch it.

But anyway, enough about the weakness part. I'm turning into a very loving girl kitty...I love my daddy a lot and am growing to be more cuddly with mommy. She likes that. So you're probably wondering what it is I do all day. Well, last week the humans went to the coast and left us at home with January, so we did a lot of playing, and a lot of sleeping. M&D got us this great toy that hangs from the door frame, and Sammy went absolutely nuts over it jumping and jumping and jumping and jumping. Then, when he get too tired, I'd go at it. It's great. Not as great as that green feather thing though....wish they'd get another one of those. That's what sends me berzerk :)

Okay...that's enough for now. It's time to go snuggle under daddy's computer monitor and get kneaded and licked by my bro. TTFN!



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