Two Dreams

I have had very vivid dreams since I was little, and have started to consider doing a series on them. My dreams are very realistic to me and once in a while I even have a hard time discerning what is reality and what is dreamspace when I wake up. Here are two recent ones:

1. I was in Hood River for some event--I'd driven myself and my sister out there from Portland for the day or overnight. I can't remember the event. We were sharing a hotel room with my mom, stepdad, and his girlfriend (apparently my mom and he had broken up) who was balding--she had weird tufts of hair. My sister was getting really antsy to drive back to Portland, but a tornado had blown into Hood River. The hotel we were in was red brick, somewhat old, with a parking lot that only had one row for about 5-6 cars behind the building. We were standing outside under and overhang, so we were safe from the tornado, and watched a man and his young son (about 5 y.o.) get into a really old blue (robin's egg) jeep. The jeep was parked facing the building, so the man started to pull out, toward the building. Just then, a HUGE gust of wind blew in with such force that it blew the jeep into the building and smashed the front half of it. It was just crumpled. There was no way the could have survived. I couldn't believe it. I immediately called the FBI (for some reason they were who we were supposed to call) and told the guy on the line about what happened. As I finished he said in a sleazy voice "Did that make you feel good? Watching that?" I screamed at him. For some reason I had called the FBI earlier and whoever I talked to had started talking dirty to me, so I just started screaming at this guy about how inappropriate that was and how wrong it felt. Then the paramedics came, and we went back upstairs. After sitting around the room talking, I looked at the time, it was about 8.15 pm. The tornado had stopped. My sister and I decided it was time to go back to Portland. When we got there, I remember having to go to this really professional building where I had to walk up ramps that formed a rectangle around an inaccessible pool (coy pond maybe?) to get to the front door. When I walked inside, I remember seeing a really professional looking asian woman, who was gorgeous and clean cut...but she had grey hairs coming out of her chin! Not just one or two, but a lot! I thought to myself that I guessed she must be good enough at her job that she didn't need to worry about it.

2. Last night, I dreamt that I was on vacation somewhere with my stepmom...probably Sun Valley. I had met some people down there and was hanging out with them, and sharing a room with one of the guys and his daughter. After spending some time with him, I realised that I was totally infatuated with him. He was amazing, and his daughter was sweet, and he was single. He had longish hair, wavy. Brown. He was outdoorsy. But my stepmom came to get me to leave and go back home and for some reason, I just started acting completely childish--pouting, etc. I did not want to leave. It was kind of funny but also a little bizarre. I finally came around, but woke up.



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