Matthew Mead Style

I have been hanging on to decor8's post on Matthew Mead Style for a while now, mostly because of the images of doily and lace pieces included. Only now have a taken a good look at the website, and WOW! I now LOVE Matthew Mead Style! What a great website, from the aesthetic to the content. I love the vintage feel of the aesthetic, the clean un-cluttered layout, and all the goodies you find. Recipes, DIY projects, templates for download, Cakes for Kids, and interesting projects. I am a person who happens to have a lot of vintage (inherited) items around the house and am always looking for good ways to include them in a more modern setting!

Shrimp, Pea Pod, and Avocado with Cream Sauce

Gift Wrap Ideas


Cakes for Kids

Be sure to check out the bonus section and Matthew's links to favorites!

images from Matthew Mead Style . com

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