My Policy

I post on my blog fairly regularly about other artists, and due to a rather rude comment I found recently, I thought it might be necessary to clarify my "policy" about posting other artist's work.

1. I always state the name of the artist.

2. I always, always link back to their website, blog, or etsy site.

3. If a personal website of theirs is not available, I link back to the site I found them on (i.e. someone else's blog or site).

4. I notify those who I have posted about, telling them that I hate posted something about their work. I think I have only forgotten to do this once or twice (never again).

5. I have started to let people know to please email me if they have any problems with what I have posted. (my email is

6. I have started monitoring comments in order to weed through "spam" or innappropriate comments.

I view blogging as a way of interacting with other artists and people, a way of networking, and discovering what else is out there. I welcome any comments you all have!!!



  1. Well, that's a bummer. I think most artists would love any mention of thier work, Gosh, with all the ego we have and all.

    Were they too good for a blog post?

  2. It was actually a retail store that was carrying the artist's work who I was posting about--apparently I didn't mention their personal photographer for the photo I used, that linked back to their site. The thing is, when I used that photo, there wasn't a mention of the photographer on their site. Anyway they posted a comment (instead of emailing me) that was rude and kind of insulting. I've since edited the post, added the photographer's name, and removed their comment. Still thinking about removing any link to their shop, plus the image, because I don't necessarily think they deserve the press.

  3. I just wondered onto your blog and enjoy reading about the thoughts and concerns of being an artist. Don't let that get to you. You were conscience and made an effort. You'll always come across 'strange' people in the world. Oh well...


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