Hand Made Weddings

Anyone that has been around me for the past 2 years knows that I love weddings. I didn't used to. Heck, I never even thought I would get married! My perception of my future was all based around "me"--I just never felt like there would be that other person involved. And then I met Dave :) I suddenly realized that marriage was a possibility for me and started allowing myself to think about what kind of wedding I would want. I even signed up on weddingchannel.com to do research--sounds crazy, I know. I like to plan things, know what's going to happen, and not be stressed out.

Over the past two years, I have thought about what kind of wedding we would have time and time again. Outdoors, indoors, patio? Summer, Winter, Spring? Coast, Fallen Leaf Lake, Portland or Hood River? Large or small? Cake, cupcakes, or chocolate fountain? SO many ideas have run through my head. And I now have more of an idea of what would work, and what we want.

Or at least I thought I did :) Etsy has a wonderful Storque series going on Handmade Weddings...it's lovely! Here are a few bits and pieces that I have found and LOVE.

Paisley reception paper sample set by dearemma

Plantable handmade paper wedding favors by gracegraphics

Must be love card by pepperinapress

Black Beauty Bustle Gown by stephaniemadesh

Gingko print save the date cards by vreelanddesign

Flower handbag by theothersister

Screenprinted wedding invitations by UglyKitty



  1. Sometimes I think it would be fun to do a vow renewal, just so we could use all of these beautiful handmade wedding ideas.


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