Miel Margarita

Deliberate, 2004

A name like Miel Margarita is attention grabbing in itself, but behind the name is the artist. And this artist is amazing. Make that...AMAZING. I first heard of Miel through postcards of her work hung up in the metals studio loo at the Oregon College of Art and Craft (the walls are covered in postcards and posters of artists). She now teaches at OCAC and manages the metals studio there part time. I hadn't had a good look at her work until last night, and was absolutely floored. Not only by the sheer abundance of pieces, but the time, effort, and planning it must have taken to create each piece. I love her manipulation of the animal world. Sections are taken to create trophies ("Deliberate", 2004), others are created to exhibit the bare bones of their utility ("Wool Dispenser", 2006), and still others seem like a commentary on the relationship between humans and animals ("Ear Braces", 2005).

Appetite, 2004

Dachsund Stilts, 2005

Ear Braces, 2005

Ear Positioners, 2007

Wool Dispenser, 2006

Miel Margarita has created a wealth of work, which delves into the animal world and there explores a wide variety of themes. I am amazed at her talent as well as inspired.



  1. Those trophy pieces are amazing. Are they fabricated or cast? What size? Just stunning workmanship.

  2. I'm pretty sure they're fabricated for the most part. I'll have to ask Miel when I see her again. She does a lot of raising, chasing, and repousse.


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