Elizabeth Perkins

I am not a big glass person at all--I have very rarely seen glass pieces that are inspiring or creative (it sounds harsh but that's just my own opinion). When I say creative, I mean "extraordinary". Not of the norm. There was one gal at my university in Australia who made beautiful casts of Australian plant life, but I can't remember her name--I will try to investigate.

But I digress. I found Elizabeth Perkins' work through The Roadside Scholar. She did an interview and the images of her pieces are amazing. Please visit The Roadside Scholar to have a look--she always has amazing finds that I absolutely love, and Elizabeth Perkins' work is one of those. Her glass pieces are amazing--lacey textures, beautiful forms, and the investigation of old casting techniques. My heart swoons.

images via The Roadside Scholar



  1. hey! thanks for the mention!

    i love elizabeth's work -- that lace mural is so absolutely cool.


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