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Continuing on with the food/health/diet/slow food related theme, I stopped in at Powell's bookstore the other night to see if I could find another one of Michael Pollan's books. All they had on the shelf was In Defense of Food, which I've already read (and loved), so I went searching for a book that I've been wanting to get for a while--Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. I have read all but two of Kingsolver's books (those two being mainly essays), and have loved them all. I decided that I needed this book, that I have been refraining from buying since it first came out two years ago.

The first bit of the book felt somewhat redundant, since this subject is all I've been consuming lately, but Kingsolver has such a wonderful 'voice' that it doesn't matter too much. I find myself wistfully dreaming about building a garden and investing the kind of time and effort into it as she and her family have done in this year long journey (which I'm guessing has continued since). Living in an apartment that has no viable space for a garden can only last for so long, I say. Especially for someone who grew up with plenty of open space and wilderness to explore.

If nothing else, reading all of these books has at least awakened the forager in me--I will soon be hunting the plum trees and blackberries of Mt. Tabor, followed by hunting for mushrooms in the fall, and clams in between, as well as the local farmer's markets.



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