What I'm Reading...

Months ago, while I was taking a class on Modernism (the culture, not the art genre), I decided to do my research paper on why we eat the way we do today, and where that change in our diet sprang from. I quickly realized that this was far too broad of a subject (after I had bought a bunch of books to research), and moved to a different topic.

However, part of that research that I had started introduced me to Michael Pollan's writings. I started with his most recent book, In Defense of Food, which is amazing, and am now working on The Omnivore's Dilemma. I find his style of writing to be fully researched, and it speaks to the every day person. I highly recommend his books, and will personally be reading all of them (along with seeing Food, Inc., and other productions).

You can also find a great TED talk from him HERE.



  1. Oh! I've been wanting to read this! I heard him a while back on NPR (maybe it was on "wait, wait don't tell me?"- I dunno) and he and his books sounded so interesting! Glad to read your praise.


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