I am a girl of whimsy...

...though you would probably never know it at first. As a child, I used my imagination a lot. I read a lot of books, which I believe helped me in that department. I always wanted an imaginary friend, but didn't have one. I had my horses, my climbing trees, a pond, and multiple forts, not to mention brothers and sisters and neighborhood kids. That was all we needed.

That, and the animals. I have loved animals since I was a baby. My most prized book that I own today is the Macmillan Illustrated Animal Encyclopedia, which I have had for all of my 27 years. I have spent many hours poring over the pages, drawing the animals, writing animal reports in school, researching and reading.

I absolutely love the whimsy in these paintings by Jennifer Davis. Full of beautiful colors in varied hues and shades. The lines and textures draw the viewer in to take a closer look, which is always rewarding in some sense.

You can find more (much more!) on Davis' website. Enjoy.



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