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The other night, D and I went out to Ping, in Old Town, Portland. Ping is sort of a sister child to Pok Pok, on SE Division st. My main attraction to it was that when I looked at their menu on their website, I saw that they serve Laksa. Laksa is a malaysian curry soup, that is divine, and next to impossible to find in the Northwest.

We started with drinks (jack & sour for me, scotch & sour for D), followed by the baby octopus skewers (wonderfully spicy yet balanced in flavor) and wild-caught prawn skewers (also wonderful). The kopitiam toast was a wonderful balance to the heat of the skewers, with its custard-like topping.

Our main courses were Laksa for me, which has a wonderful flavor. It wasn't as sweet or citrusy as I remember the Laksa in Australia, but I have a feeling it's much more authentic. D had the African chicken, which had a nice smokey and dark, yet somewhat sweet flavor, as if it was flavored with coffee or cocoa.

The skewers and appetizers are great portions for light meals, and main courses are fairly sizeable and great for sharing or if you're really hungry. And did I mention the atmosphere? The space is long, with tall exposed ceilings, and a great use of space. Minimalist yet antique-ish decorations give it a great atmosphere for socializing and dining. This is definitely my new favorite restaurant, by far.

You can find more out about Ping at their website, or on Oregon Live: "Rising Star of the Year" and "Portland's Most Talked-About New Restaurant".

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