Portable Tripod

I have a little secret to share with you, which was shown to me by my stepmom over 10 years ago, when I was given my first (and favorite) camera. You know that threaded area in the bottom of the camera where it screws into the tripod? Go to the hardware store, take the camera too, and find an eye bolt (with a flat bottom, and a hole in the top) that fits it.

Then find some sturdy, but not too big chain....like the kind that has long flat links. Below is "jack chain" which will work. Get about 6 feet, maybe more if you're tall, of it.

Attach the chain to the eye screw (with wire, a jump ring, or something sturdy). Screw it into the bottom of the camera. Hold the camera up to nose level. Step on the chain, and pull the camera up to eye level. It will be very stable because of the tension. It acts as a portable tripod! This is easily collapsible and storable. No more heavy tripods to haul around :) Unless you're doing something that really requires it. Have fun! I'm off to the hardware store.



  1. The way I learned the trick, you use a piece of cord or string tied to the eyebolt, and a washer tied on the end as a weight. Which is a little easier to keep in your pocket than a chain (though not quite as strong).


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