That's right. I love diamonds. I have fallen in love. That is not to say, that I love the practices that have wreaked havoc on the people involved in conflict diamonds. Not at all--but now, with the Kimberly Process in place, I can allow these beautiful stones to enter my heart.

Now, anyone that knows me well knows that I like things that are a bit off-center, out of the ordinary. I have seen some amazingly beautiful 1, 2, and 3 carat brilliant cut ideal diamonds. They're amazing and make me swoon, but I ultimately love alternative shapes more than the rounds (not that I would ever refuse a ring or piece of jewelry with a round diamond!). My favorite shape by far is the cushion cut, as well as the radiant, trilliant, old european, rose, and rough diamonds. I love the colors, as well, because diamonds come in a range. Chocolate, champagne, and cognac are probably my favorites. Beyond the "surface" beauty lies the characteristics of diamonds themselves. Their strength, durability, luster, and chemical make up make these stones some of the most amazing to me. I can honestly say that I would rather receive a diamond than most other stones.

Todd Reed is one of my favorite artists that works with raw diamonds. Hopefully, I'll be working with them someday soon, as well.



  1. I think some of my friends/family we're surprised when I opted for a diamond engagement ring, but I agree with you. I like the metaphor of the durability and strength and as long as some attempt is made to be responsible (I bought recycled diamonds from estate jewelry) I don't see what the problem is. Although, I do think the emphasis on size is a little ridiculous...

  2. I don't really care about the size, just as long as it's beautiful, and conflict free :) Sometimes large diamonds can really dwarf a piece, but other times they should be more emphasized.

  3. I love Todd's work as well. Congac are my personal favs and I love how he uses the rough cut, esp. combined with steel and gold.

  4. I love his work too...dont we all!

  5. I wanted one of his eternity bands for my wedding ring and his website directed me to Altered Space Gallery in Venice. They're the only ones in LA that carry him..and I'm so glad they do! I LOVE my ring!! And raw diamonds have much more unique personality to them..they seem more human to me. And for the purposes of my ring..they not only symbolize the raw element (love) in each of us..but the "diamond in the rough" we find in each other. The poeple at Altered Space were really lovely. They have a website if you care to check it out alteredspacegallery.com


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