Friday Finds--18KT

Friday, February 29, 2008

I subscribe to about 50 blogs, and read through the new posts every day. Often times I save a post or two to look back on later on. This is where "Friday Finds" comes in. Each week I will highlight things I have found through other blogs--objects, ideas, etc.

18KT is a blog I found through another blog...can't quite remember which one, but I love it. I can't understand the's something romantic like Italian, but I can get the gist of it. Each day they feature contemporary jewelers, and the work is gorgeous! I highly recommend visiting this blog.

This week, 18KT featured Erik Urbschat, a designer with clean lines and gorgeous work.

Also found through 18KT this week is Laura Anne Marsden, a woman after my own heart. Marsden creates beautiful lace sculptures and jewelry with Eternal Lace, a lace she has created from recycled plastic bags.

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