Just Like a Phoenix...


My heart is so buoyed right now...full of joy, hope, and brightness. This summer has been just incredible....full of ups and downs, adventures, and transformation. I can feel myself rising from the ashes of the past, just like a phoenix. This is the kind of joy that brings tears to your eyes, much like those moments when you look out over the landscape and feel God rising with the sun. There are so few words.


While we were in Maui, Dave and I got to experience the rising of the sun over Haleakala. It was a truly magical experience.


I stood there, bracing myself against the wind and biting cold, marveling at the volcanic landscape below, and waiting for the Sun to bless us with it's rays of golden light.


It did not disappoint.



I left the top of the world feeling brighter than ever, fascinated by the diversity of the world we live in, and eternally grateful, as we descended to the wooded world below.

100 Things is a challenge I set for myself to create 100 things between the end of May and August, 2012.



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