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Recently, my best friend got married, and I was chosen to be the Matron of Honor! During the weeks leading up to the wedding, I set about multiple tasks, which included making jewelry items for the groom's two mothers. I've never worked with Ruby in Fuschite before, but it really does make a stunning piece of jewelry.



With both necklaces, I tried to capture both the personality of the wearer, as well as reference the inherent nature of the shape of the stone. On the back, I pierced some of their favorite flowers, through which you can see the back of the stone.

Another task involved in being in a wedding is gift-giving. I wanted to give the happy couple something they could both appreciate and use. After much deliberation, I went with a simple album for their wedding photos, mementos, etc.


I used a simple, yet beautiful, book cloth for the outside, and was lucky enough to come across a beautifully patterned paper that captures the essence of both of them. I hope the love it!

100 Things is a challenge I set for myself to create 100 things between the end of May and August, 2012.



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