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I just finished "Craft, Inc." by Meg Mateo Ilasco the other day. I had started reading it almost a year ago but got caught up in other things. It's a great book, and could be very helpful for many artisans. However, it is definitely geared toward people who are really looking to start a 'business' and really make some money, creating production lines and getting into retail stores, etc. That is all very helpful, but I'm not on that level quite yet.

I feel as if I've just managed to narrow down one point of what I want to do with my art and my business, which is a big thing, but I'm just beginning. This month has been full of introspection, questioning, realizations, and a bit of work. I do believe that "Craft, Inc." is a must-read for artists who want to start a business, though. It gives a good perspective, great tips, and real-life interviews with artists who have 'made it'.

Now, I think I'm ready for some fiction.



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