Filly's Stable

I can't remember exactly how I found Daily Imprint, but I have been following the blog for a while. I am a complete sucker for Australian Art & Design, and love to get bits of it wherever I can. It reminds me of my "other home", which I will always love.

Over on Daily Imprint today, there is a shop featured called Filly's Stable, in Melbourne. Melbourne is known as being the fashion capital of Australia, and rightly so. A wealth of amazing designers live there, and I am living proof that shopping in Australia can be quite addictive. Filly's Stable has a bit of rustic feel to it, yet is at the same time chic and playful. I was immediately grabbed by the name, as I grew up with horses and dream some day of living in a chic yet rustic house with those snorting, hoofing, beautiful animals in my back yard (I still have not one, but two saddles in storage). Now, if only I could visit this cute shop in person!

For those of you in Melbourne, it's located at:
130 Bridport Street
Albert Park Vic 3206

Melbourne, Australia

image via Daily Imprint



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