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With the upheaval and overhaul of my business aesthetics, I have started paying a lot more attention to fonts and graphics. I certainly do not have a graphic design background, so my own designs are fairly remedial, but I can definitely find the details in what feels right as far as fonts, typeface, and graphics goes. Most of my design sense is based on "what feels right"'s hard to explain but it seems to work for me.

I recently came across Cardon Copy, which is a project by Cardon Webb, who has taken it upon himself to redesign posters, and replace them, that he finds posted in and around New York. The new posters are then placed where the original ones once lay. I wonder how much more/less successful the new posters are in grabbing the attention of passers by. If nothing else, they are beautiful and intriguing.

images via cardon copy
thank you to sub-studio for the reminder



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