Trial & Error

One of my goals during this last month has been to work on unfinished projects, or things that need to be re-done. The above boat is a good example. Originally a class project, I needed to remove the colored pencil, clean up some edges (blasted solder!), apply gesso, and re-apply the color using Prismacolor pencils.

I started the process, but instead of applying gesso, I had read a technique where I could apply fixative and color over that. However, after applying a few coats (fixative, color, fixative, color, etc.), the fixative/color mixture started peeling. I don't know if it wasn't cured enough, but I ended up having to remove it all again. I finally got some gesso today and am going to be applying that, with the color over it. Hopefully it will turn out magnificently, and I'll do my best to show progress shots along the way.



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