Joyce Tenneson

As an undergraduate, I had my original major as photography, which I switched to my minor as soon as I discovered metalsmithing. However, I still loved photography--the process of capturing something on film, and then transforming it into print form with the magic of an enlarger and numerous baths. I formed a refined taste in photography during that time which still holds today. What I mean by that, is that it takes some serious talent to "wow" me with photographs. What can I say? I had the luck of having incredible lecturers who were working artists, and being in a country (Australia) where the talent coming into the photography scene was phenomenal.

One of my favorite photographers that I discovered during that time was Joyce Tenneson--she is, in my eyes, one of the most talented and important photographers of our time. Her images seem to blend portraiture and mythology, with her flower portraits holding a sense of the surreal. Thanks to dear ada for posting about her--it's been a while since I had looked at these beautiful images.

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