Oldies but Goodies

Paralucia spinifera series, 2004

A few years ago, I did a collection of very sculptural rings (7) based on the Bathurst Copper Butterfly (Paralucia spinifera). An endangered species, it is one of the rarest butterflies in Australia, and endemic to the country. It can only be found in a very small area between Bathurst and Hartley, in New South Wales.

I created these rings as a way to pique interest in this endangered species by creating wearable sculptures that would spark conversation.



  1. hi catherine! i noticed you "hearted" me on etsy and am so glad, because now i've gotten to see your beautiful work and read your blog. nice to "meet" another pxd metalsmith.

    i am planning on buying a hydrolic press with some grant money and wondered if i could pick your brain a bit sometime? I'll bring chocolate and hot drinks!

    I write two blogs, one here on blogger about my cancer experience and another that is about inspiration, life as an artist and beauty.


    you can email me through my website:




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