Morning Routine

Magnolia, 2007

I was just thinking about posting about my morning routine when I saw another gal (Corey Ackelmire) do the same! Mine is less about breakfast, though, and more about computers. On my days off of work, I get up, put my hair back, and put in my contacts (or sometimes I don't, like today). Turn on my computer, and I check in order: hotmail, gmail, facebook, myspace, bloglines, blogger, etsy, and EtsyMetal. It's my routine, and it's comfortable :)

Usually at some point I get up and make a smoothie for myself, too.

D and I had a wonderful Anniversary yesterday. He was great about making me a surprise romantic dinner, and then we watched movies :)



  1. I like to check in on your blog from time to time. (Thanks for visiting mine too!)

    Here's my morning routine: I wake up to a 3 year old asking for help using the restroom, I brew my decaf (god, I wish it was caffeinated!), make my son and I some oatmeal, pack his lunch in a superman lunchpail, get us both dressed, feed the dogs, and change the baby. Kiss the baby and daddy goodbye, and head out the door with my son. All this usually takes place in 30 minutes! Whew!

  2. Actually, my morning routine usually involves eating my oatmeal while on my computer checking many of the same things you do!



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