Antique finds!

D and I went to Hood River last night to drop his brother off, and spent the night at his sister's. After coffee with the siblings, we popped into an old Antique store and found some treasures. Above (and below) are candle holders--I just love the shapes and matte finish! And I love that you can flip them (below) to utilize them in other ways.

Upside Down

I also found these choice Patty Molds, which I plan on using in my hydraulic press. They're iron, so I hope they don't hurt the acrylic, but I suppose you can't find out unless you try!

The heart is my favorite....wonder what I'll come up with :)

There was another set of 10 pieces, but they were much more expensive and they had little bumps on the bottom (not flat, like above), which made me nervous about using in the press. I only saw these ones as we were almost out of the store! tastes are changing. For some reason, I love the bold colors and leaves on this set and just had to have it :) I'm not much for tea sets that are white with little dinky flowers on them...give me color and bold character any day!

And to top the day off, it was sunny and beautiful out. Now, back to work :)



  1. I am so jealous! What a good idea! I never would have thought of that...

  2. They're pretty fun. I'll post pics of the heart pressings today. Got a little carried away and they split a little at the top but I might work it to my advantage :)

  3. I'm glad I came here to see the molds!


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