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Leaf Necklace, 2007

Today I broke out Dave's camera (he says it's ours--a Canon 30D Digital SLR), and the macro ring flash I bought him for Christmas, and took some pictures of a couple pieces of jewelry. I'll be taking more tomorrow, with a tripod this time :) The macro flash gives a nice illusion of daylight, which is rare during winter here in Portland.

As for the pieces, the Leaf Necklace (above) is the culmination of all of the leaf multiples I made. There are also earrings, brooches, and a necklace waiting to be made, but they will have to wait until after commissions are done.

The poppy earrings (below) were commissioned by orchidnoon on Etsy. She asked for a pair of earrings reminiscent of my poppy sculpture and this is what we came up with :) I will be blackening them tomorrow (with more pics to follow of the final product) before sending them out.

Poppy Earrings, 2008



  1. Those earrings are the cutest!

  2. I just came across your blog and found it interesting that you were a Chandler. I come from a Chandler family in Surfside Beach, SC. The name isn't THAT common, so I thought I'd say HELLO! Also, my aunt Brenda (who was a Chandler before marriage) is also a jeweler :) Small world...


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