Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Felt Play Food from Katie Made Goods' Etsy shop.

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Dave and I are heading out to Hood River today for the feast later. Luckily, the roads are dry and the skies are clear :)

Here are some things I am thankful for:

1. Good Health
2. A good mind
3. Family and friends
4. Dave
5. Sammy and Amber (our cats)
6. 23 years with my Father
7. People who have shown me how NOT to be
8. Metalsmithing!
9. Australia
10. Growing up both wealthy and poor
11. Fallen Leaf Lake
12. Betty Boezinger
13. Adaptability
14. Patience
15. Happiness
16. Turkey and pumpkin pie!

And many many other things....I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!!!



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