Another Wonderful Find

"The White Deer"

I have always loved paper sculptures and books, but have never really been paper/book-minded (as far as crafting goes). I did, however, run across SanFran67's lovely creations on Etsy today. These are beautiful paper creations that bestill my heart. My absolute favorite is The White Deer (pictured above). I love the depth, bold lines, graphic images, and shades of white, grey, and black.

"The Deers Holiday Card"

I am also loving The Deers Holiday Card (above), for its 3D quality and beautiful lines, as well as the feeling of partnership between the two deer.

"Cherry Blackbird"

Another favorite is the Cherry Blackbird, which is gorgeous with its depth, shades of grey, and stark blasts of color. I love the imagery of the Cherry blossoms--they are a favorite of mine in spring.



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