I am a damn good metalsmith, and one of the things that I absolutely love is using my hydraulic press. I am currently working on a commission for three thorn brooches, to be finished in January. The picture above was of the test piece. I use a very thorough technique for making hollow forms like these, but after scrapping my test piece, and starting on what should be one of the actual brooches, I am beginning to realize that my problems are not my technique--it's the shape! After pressing, I usually make sure the sides are flat, so the two halves will fit together, by chasing around the edges of the piece. However, because this piece has certain curves, that top pointy section bends up, instead of going flat. SIGH. But, as frustrated as I am, I am more determined. Right now the two halves are in the pickle. I'll try again by chasing, and if that doesn't work, out come the steel clips for soldering. Keeping my fingers crossed!



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