The Grey

This morning was one of those mornings that I sincerely wished I was not allergic to coffee. The kind of morning where you glance outside, and then snuggle deeper down in the covers. I needed some sunshine...some liquid sunshine...anything.

A friend in Idaho said the other day how she was drowning because it was 40 degrees and pouring down rain. I had to chuckle to myself--it's like that so often here in the PNW. And then I pondered, how do we get through it? All those days of grey--some so dark that you can hardly tell it is daytime.

This morning, I went about my showering and getting dressed routine. I pampered myself with rose-scented oils. Heated up some yummy banana muffins and smothered them with butter. Made myself a creamy green tea latte. I wrote in my journal, and snuggled with Sammy (he was very excited about this).

And then....I went and played in the garden for an hour.

Sometimes, you just have to make yourself go outside, and dig around in the earth a while. Grey, or not.



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