The Continuation of Good

This time of year brings about the urge to cleanse, to rid oneself of negativity, to renew and start over.
I get swept up in it--most of us do.
But as I woke up this morning, to my chilly apartment and my warm husband...
As I stepped out of the shower to get ready to greet the day...
As I sipped soup for breakfast...
I realized, it is not about starting over.
It's about continuing the journey, the lessons, the growth.

The difference between where I was a year ago, and where I am today, is enormous. That difference has included many extremely difficult experiences and heartbreak. But it also included incredible growth and determination. I am grateful for both the pain and the happiness--it has pushed me and made me into a better person.

So cheers, my friends.
Here's to the Continuation of Good.
Happy New Year!


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