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Thesis year is an interesting beast. Not only is your mind being twisted in new ways, but you're constantly analyzing, playing, experimenting, and seemingly not making anything at all. Until you reach a certain point where things start gelling together.

I'm at that point, finally. A lot of people ask what my thesis work is about--it's about self-censorship. That moment we decide to hold back from saying something we need or want to say to someone, for any number of reasons. It could be fear, or it could be respect. While we often feel oppressed when this happens, the other aspect of it is that this moment is completely within our control--we are the ones that decide not to speak. It is self-inflicted.

I've been experimenting a lot with using rope, because of its various associations with safety as well as restriction, and have moved forward from using rope 'as rope', and onto creating my own rope out of various materials. The thesis work is constantly shifting and changing--sometimes it feels difficult to keep it in one place, but there are moments when you simply have to stop. You have to stop the evolution and settle on something in order to get a piece made.



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