Between here and somewhere else...

Today was a strange day.
It was one of those days that requires endless patience, courage, and positivity.

It started with nightmares that left me sobbing. Thank goodness I have a loving husband who can comfort me in the middle of the night.
(I've been having many nightmares lately. Almost every night.)
I woke fresh and clear-headed, and headed up to the studio to get some work done.

Then, as I sat there, in a building on this beautiful day, my heart sinking, I thought,
"I need to go on an adventure. I need to get out of this city." 
My mind was dreaming of lakes and trees, fresh air and blue sky.

We tried.
We tried to go on an adventure, but Apple Maps took us 40 miles away from our destination somehow.
So, we turned around and headed home, and had an 'adventure' at IKEA getting parts for Dave's new desk. 

Sometimes the adventure lies in the space between here and somewhere else. The conversations, the laughter, the miles of road traveled that are dotted with old barns and cows.



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