An escape to the forests...

Last weekend, DW and I tried to go on an adventure.
We got pretty far, but nowhere near our destination.
On Sunday night, I said wistfully, "I wish you could take tomorrow off and we could try again."
He did.
He's an amazing husband.

The next morning, we hopped into the car and drove East, instead of West.

 We wound our way up and over the mountain, down some roads, winding, until we came to this....

Trillium Lake. 
Somehow, this is the first time I have ever been here. I find it amazing, all the places in Oregon that I have missed until now.

There is a little loop going around the lake, so we threw on our backpacks and started walking...

 Across beautiful shadows,
Through forest paths, 
Under trees both tall and wide.

There was lichen, moss, the surprise of little flowers.
Forest air, the cool breeze, and spots of green on green on blue.

After we left, we cruised North, down the mountain towards Hood River. Through the orchard fields, stopping along the way at family homes and Panorama Point. Then, down to the river for a snack and back West, towards home.

This weekend, more adventures await. They fill my heart with joy, remind me of who I am, and what matters most.

Also: I could easily live in a little cabin in the woods, amongst those tall, towering trees. I believe future plans are afoot.



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