All I ever need

I visited an old haunt of mine today. 
I needed a reminder of my heart, my home.
My center.
As I hit the trail, the smell of warm, dry grass and pine needles soothed my heart. I was home.
The wind wrapped around me, fiercely, like a warm, comforting blanket.
The grass cracked under my feet as I climbed up a mound--one of many little cairn-like mounds found all over this part of the Gorge. I sat, wrote, watched.
Breathed deep.

Things I remembered out there:
City life makes me feel crazy
All I ever need is myself and the elements
None of it really matters
Remember to keep an eye out for rattlesnakes
How to walk on shale (just like riding a bike)

Things I forgot:
Bug Spray
The jerks, the betrayals, the negativity, the losses (for a little bit, anyway).



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