My dears...
I am finding it almost impossible to relax tonight.
Plans, thoughts, and lists are running through my brain at warp speed.

I spent 5 hours non-stop (well, with probably 20 minutes for lunch) sorting, folding, boxing, bagging, and tossing out things at my mom's old house today. Now, because I work really fast, 5 hours for me is like 8 hours for the average bear.

I am exhausted. (Somehow, I still managed to do yoga when I got home.)

And, we are about half-way through. Maybe more.

Tomorrow, I'm bringing my camera. I want to capture the residue of my mom's existence in this place (in better quality than the shoddy iphone picture above). After removing wall decorations and paintings in her bedroom, I noticed those empty spots that were untouched by the dust and nicotine that coat the walls. The shapes were fascinating--not stark lines, but almost like sketches in dust.

Wish me luck. Tomorrow is going to be a long day. Tomorrow, the job will be done, and we can walk away from that house and those memories--what a relief!

I hope it will be as beautiful a drive as it was today--we have had so much rain that the moss is neon green, and there are waterfalls everywhere in the Gorge. And...everything is surrounded by snow-kissed hills. Simply beautiful.



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