New Beginnings

This year has been a mighty one, indeed.
Full of unexpected surprises around every corner.
Some good, some bad. All of them full of lessons that have changed my life immeasurably.
I know I spoke some of the "Summer of Serious Growth" has been the whole year, friends.

I am ready for some new beginnings.
After facing many things this last year that I never imagined I could make it through, I am still here, and I am doing fantastically well.

One of my friends referred to me as 'competitive' today.
I kind of laughed, because I've never considered myself competitive, but when I think about it, I do love a good challenge.
And I do love to come out on top.

My challenge now, is not facing hardships, but turning inward and honoring myself.
I give so much of my heart and energy (which I love to do), that it's high time that I start replenishing that basket on a regular basis.
I have been going to meditation every week.
I have been saying 'no' when I need to.
I have been practicing yoga almost every day. Even in jeans, at work.
I have been writing in my journal. Poems, letters, lists.
I have been reading many, many books.
I have been breathing, holding my heart, and sending love to myself.

I am intentionally growing, every day. Because after all, the only constant in live is change. I embrace it with open arms.

Happy New Year.
May you and yours be blessed with love, peace, and happiness.



  1. love this post and the honesty shared therein.



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