Happy New Year!!

I admit it.  I'm not a huge partier on New Year's.  It never feels so much like turning over a new leaf, but is simply a new day. 

I've learned that I have more success with resolutions if I don't actually speak them out loud--perhaps it is the fear of disappointing others or myself, but making those grandiose statements out loud puts on a whole lot of pressure. 

All I want for 2012 is to have more adventures, and so far, I am.  It's about expanding my horizons, reaching up, reaching out.
Letting go of the old, and welcoming the new.

I've been walking more, taking charge of my health with a different eating style, and getting out into the outdoors.  I grew up with the nickname 'dirt pig', because I love dirt.  It's true.  I would sit in it, throw it in the air, and giggle mercilessly as it rained down upon my head.  I'm not quite so fond of rolling in it now, but I do love the smell, the feel of it, and being surrounded by the earth.

Whatever your passion is, I hope you find time and heart to pursue it this year.  Follow your heart, always.



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