What a Holiday!

The day after Christmas.
My brother is on his way to San Francisco, my Mom is travelling back home to the Gorge, and Dave is at work.  The house is rather empty, and I am soaking up the quiet.

Christmas was wonderful.  We keep it pretty low-key around here, concentrating on spending time together and cooking yummy food, as well as a few walks in the rain.  We made two of the family's favorite, simple meals this weekend--Mexicali Gumbo, and a spicy seafood pasta with heaps of salad.  

One thing I love about the holidays in the past few years is that each one is different.  As much as I may love organization in most of my life, I love the unpredictability of the holidays.  Will we be with Dave's family or mine?  Who will be travelling?  Hood River or Portland?  Fancy or simple feast?  It's never the same.

This year, on Christmas Eve, we went to see our friend Chris Margolin play an acoustic show at the Edgefield Winery, and last night after Christmas Dinner, we went to see "We Bought A Zoo".  I can't remember the last time we went to the movies as a family!  

I hope your holidays have been full of fun and new experiences!
And now, off to clean the studio and be productive!

Photos by David Woody



  1. I'm SO happy that you had a wonderful Christmas...you deserved it after such a busy year (I've just been reading back over the past few months of blog posts...you must be some kind of Wonder Woman to juggle so much!)

    I'm looking forward to seeing what inspires you to create in the new year! Your work just goes from strength to strength :-)

    Wishing you an abundance of love, light, happiness and health in 2012, my friend!


  2. Belinda, thank you so much for your words! I've been following along your journey, too. I love your work, and can't wait to see more!

    Happy New Year!


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