It Comes In Waves

I am officially in the home stretch.  
My last class is in about an hour, and then I have four beautiful weeks off.  

Of course, I'll be working and filling my time planning my workshop for the spring, but I will also be able to see friends and family, and relax.  Maybe even read a non-assigned book!  The joy!  

For now, here's a few shots of my book project.  It's gorgeous and long and I can't wait to take proper photos of it.



  1. Gosh! Is this the fused glassine?
    It looks delicate and exquisite!
    I can't wait to see more pictures.

    Congrats on reaching the end of this semester! I know you have been working hard:) xx

  2. It is fused glassine! It's gorgeous. I tried other papers out first...vellum and another tissuey paper, but they didn't work as well as glassine to get the effect I wanted. It's so translucent and pretty...I love it! Probably won't get proper photos until after the holidays, when I can reserve some time in the photo studio, but they're coming!


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