Rest and Relaxation

Oh, it has been a wonderful day.  
And the weekend!  I spent the whole weekend with my husband and friends.  Now, my idea of relaxation is not necessarily laying around reading (although that is part of it...), it's more that I can do what I want, when I want, at the pace I want to.  And it has been wonderful!  

Our cute little tree is now lit up and dressed.
Decorations and stockings are hung.
The menu for the holidays is coming together.  
My brother and mom will be here in a few short days!
I've gotten to see three wonderful friends, and will be seeing more tonight. 

I've also been able to venture into the studio a little bit.  Not much..just a bit, but that's enough for me.  There will be more studio time to come, and I will revel in its glory!

Even the cats are excited! Sammy was so excited that I was home today that he just kept climbing up onto my lap, purring and loving on me incessantly.  It was both cute and annoying.  I loved every second.

I hope you are having a lovely holiday season, as well!



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