Adventures in the Temperate Rainforest


One reason I love living in Portland is the veritable temperate rainforest that surrounds us. Did you know that this whole area was once a rainforest?! I grew up in Southwest Portland, right next to Tryon Creek State Park, where my father and siblings and I would go walking, often. 
As we got older, it was mostly just me and my father, hiking or horseback riding. Hiking remains one of my absolute favorite ways to be outside and be active. 

I am a natural explorer, constantly investigating the land around me.


This last weekend, Dave and I went to a little place across the river in Washington, called Lacamas Park. I thought it was just a small park from the description in our "Curious Gorge" book, but it was larger than I thought, with trails winding this way and that. 

Most of the trails follow a small river, up past two waterfalls, around a lake, and back down through the forest. We hiked a good while, and I can't wait to hike more!

Where do you go exploring?

What do you find?

My favorite part about the hike was definitely the immense numbers of different types of lichen and mosses we saw--proof of pure air and happy organisms. Some of them were like little creatures, while others were almost like paintings on the trees. Unfortunately I couldn't capture the true, almost neon-green color of the one below.

I love getting down to the level of these mosses, seeing the world as if I was tiny. What a beautiful place!



  1. looks like quite an adventure! great pics! : )



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