Turning 29 and Working Overtime....

Spring in Portland is glorious.  Truly, magically.  After our long, dreary, rain filled winters (especially this one!), we are doused with yet more rain in the spring....but what helps us Oregonians to endure is the glory and splendor of those incredible blossoms.  Shocks of pink, purple, white, and all colors of the rainbow, everywhere.

My personal favorite is the Pink Dogwoods.  Aren't they incredible??  They make my heart swoon.

Yesterday, I turned 29.  I thought of hosting some little giveaway here, or a sale, but not only did I not have the time, I decided I would much rather do something that involved simply giving.  Giving of myself.
So, sometime in the next few weeks I am going to do something that will help others, and yet absolutely terrifies me.  Donating blood.  Why would donating blood terrify me?  I hate needles.  They just absolutely freak me out, and what's more, is that whenever I have had blood drawn, I can feel that needle inside my body.  

However, I know how important blood donation is.  My fiance is a twin who was born severely premature and needed blood transfusions.  There are people in all sorts of situations, who have been injured or have physical diseases or disorders or who are giving birth and being born, every single day, who need blood.  And on top of it, I will be conquering yet another of my worst fears.  Hell, if I can sky dive, I can donate blood.

Have you ever donated blood?

In other news, part of the reason I haven't been 'around' is because I've been working my patoose off.  Being a nanny is hard work....I'm just lucky I have 5+ years under my belt!  
In addition to working, the fiance and I had a trip up to Seattle (for him to work) a couple weekends ago...he's going again this weekend and I get the casa to myself.  And the studio! We will also be trekking up there next weekend for the Gallery Walk during the SNAG conference.  I won't be going to the conference itself, but am excited to meet and see friends new and old.

I also put my jewelry in a sale at the Oregon College of Art and Craft.  They host an annual Metals and Ceramics sale, where students and alumni can have their work for sale and part of the proceeds go to funds for those departments to bring in visiting artists or buy new equipment, etc.  We raised a lot of money for the Metals department, which is very exciting.  Last year's sale paid for Tim McCreight to come host a workshop and do an artist talk, which was incredible.  

With any luck, work will settle into more of a routine soon, and I will be 'around' more often.  I do so love sharing my experiences with you!  Soon, I am sure there will be more wedding-related posts, as well.  This whole wedding planning stuff sure is overwhelming (and exciting!) 

I hope spring is as glorious for you as it has been for me!  May sunshine make all your days bright, and lift your spirits higher than you can imagine!



  1. I donate blood every 2 months (as often as they'll let me), but I'm not particularly afraid of needles. I commend you for doing it even though you are! I do it because, as you said, there are so many people who need blood, and it's a way that I can contribute fairly easily and possibly help save lives. AND... free juice and cookies! ^_^

  2. I've never given blood.
    Maybe I should!!!

    Also, I put a birthday package in the mail for you this morning. Nothing huge, though the letter to go with it is endless:) I hope it finds you at the perfect time!

  3. Happy birthday again !! :) As I mentioned before, you can now hold at 29 for more than a few years, heheh! Although 30 is an exceptionally awesome year...well it was for me! :)

    And oh my...I am terrified of needles as well...and can feel them in me as well...it just freaks me out. Good luck as I do know it is an important donation! I wish I could be as brave as you!

    Congrats on the OCAC spot! And also on being a nanny! Whoo boy, I know it's not easy work looking after kids and a household! I have a nanny and I try to treat her really well. I hope I do anyways. Kudos to you for your hard work!


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