Seattle, SNAG, and The Sale!!!

In May, I spent two weekends in Seattle.  It made me fall in love with it.  I had no was sunny the whole time!  I know it was being deceptive, for all good Portlanders know that Seattle is a much rainier version of our Rose City.  I fell in love with it anyway.  Seattle is my kind of city (Portland, I still LOVE you)'s more modern, more multicultural, and more progressive (in some ways) than Portland.  And the views!  Give me a great expanse of blue water any day! 

But enough of my comparisons between cities...the last weekend we were in Seattle was to attend the SNAG Conference Gallery Crawl.  I couldn't afford the conference outright (wedding totally trumps conference this year), but I really wanted to see new and old friends, as well as my pieces in the two shows they were in.  The Thorn Brooches were at the G. Gibson Gallery in Counterflux: Defensive Ornament and I had some rings in the Ring A Day exhibition at Punch Gallery.  

We arrived in Seattle and were able to get settled for about 5 minutes before heading out to meet up with some people from EtsyMetal for the Gallery Crawl.  It was an amazing night.  I had a blast!  And there will be photos soon (as soon as my love, David, emails them to me).  Honestly, we only made it to about two thirds of the galleries in two days, but it was amazing to see so much incredible, skillful work in such a short span of time.  The whole experience was incredibly inspiring and uplifting, and I honestly feel like I've had to decompress and absorb everything since we got back.

And now, we are in June, desperately awaiting Summer.  The Solstice is just one week away....which means, there is ONE WEEK left in my sale!  Be sure to scoot on over to the Etsy Shop and use coupon code "SPRINGFLING2011" for 10% off of your whole purchase.  Also, I will be phasing out some of the designs in my shop, so they will be marked down 30% for the next week as well!  I hope you all are having a fabulous end of spring....

What has inspired you lately??



  1. I've spent quite a lot of time in Seattle as well (best friend over on Bainbridge Island) and it's ALWAYS sunny and beautiful!!!

    A: Everything.


  2. So I'm not crazy! Maybe the Seattle-ites are just telling everyone how miserable it is so that people won't be tempted to move :D Yeah...that must be it!

  3. Seattle is freakin' miserable this year, just sayin'. Do. Not. Be. Fooled. :-P Lovely jewelry, btw. :-)

  4. Oh, I know! Portland's been miserable too, so I can only figure that Seattle would be worse :D


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