Let's Talk About Weddings For a Minute....

If you have been following me on Facebook or Twitter, I'm sure you've seen that there will soon be a wedding in my future. 

My wedding! 

We have about 6 weeks 4 weeks to go, and as I was perusing a craft store (for TWO HOURS) last night, I realized a few things.  We are on a very tight budget for our wedding...the kind of budget that goes like this: "okay, next week I'll be making some extra money so we'll be able to buy x, y, and z."  Not much of that pre-planning stuff.  Also the kind of budget that brings about "Wedding Craft Night" with myself and my bridesmaids so we can make all kinds of decorations together (and take some of the pressure off me...thank you, ladies!)

At first, it was incredibly stressful to be on such a tight budget.  Oh how I would LOVE the freedom to just throw money around!  But....but....it has allowed me to learn a lot.  I am the type of gal who really likes to know what she's doing before she does it.  I double and triple check directions before jumping into new tasks, or even things I haven't done in a while (like cuttlefish casting).  I like to have things planned out ahead of time, so I'm not caught off guard.  Weddings are not something you can plan while double and triple checking things, that's for sure!

In planning our DIY wedding, I have been faced, multiple times, with decisions in which I would umm and arr for a bit before just swallowing my fear and doing something.  Because time doesn't wait, dears.  It has been a fun and liberating experience, and I am so excited for the end result.  We are totally behind schedule on a lot of things but it will all come together (or so I am told).  The cake will be beautiful, the decorations fun and admired, the favors favored by all, and above and beyond everything, it will be a fun and joyous day!

Do you like planning ahead?  Try doing something spontaneous!  It's scary, but fun.  Go out and do something.  You might be surprised at the results :)



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