Catching up!

Living between two houses is no easy task, my friends.  I am constantly carting stuff back and, crafting supplies (for the wedding!), my laptop and hard's exhausting but I have only 11 days left!  

So, I am doing my best to catch up now...I am still working on my Ring A Week project, just not photographing or posting quite as often.  Here are some of the recent rings....most are available in my Etsy Shop  
(the non-plastic ones).  
And you can always check them out on my Flickr page!
I hope your summer is going swimmingly, wherever you are!



  1. You're a busy woman!!!!!
    Sending love.

  2. Good post as ring is too good.and the red one whats that ?

  3. The red ones are plastic netting from vegetable bags. I cut strips of the bag and sewed them together in different ways. It was a great way to play with different forms and materials.


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