The Latest Rings From Ring A Week!

Oh, boy!  I did not realize how behind I had gotten on posting the rings from Ring A Week 2011!  Here they are:

Ring A Week No. 12
RAW2011 12/52
"The Bastard Ring, Revisited"
I could not let this rest. Failure doesn't sit well with me, and so, I brought out the Bastard Ring that would not solder. And, I soldered it. There was some sawing and filing involved, but eventually, I got the seam just right, and the solder flowed beautifully. Now, with a nice bit of polish, he is ready to go out into the world.
Sterling Silver
Size 8.75


Ring A Week No. 13
RAW2011 13/52
"A Study in Texture"
With this ring, I decided to try something different. Using a sheet of silver, I formed the ring and soldered it. I wanted to add some texture to it, so I brought out some of my silver shavings, and sprinkled them about on top, and then fused them with heat, which went well. Following that, I added a few little gold balls, but they melted into the silver, leaving a few pits (not so well). It may not be the most successful ring, but now I have a new way of bringing texture to future pieces.
Sterling Silver

Ring A Week No. 14
RAW2011 14/52
"Dreaming of Uluru"
Uluru is an amazing place, and yet I have never been. During all my time in Australia, I did not have the chance to go, and now it lays in my dreams. While it may be a tourist attraction, it is an incredibly sacred site to the Aboriginal people of the region. I know that when I *do* visit it, eventually, I will definitely not be one of those people who walks all over it. I want to appreciate it, listen to the stories, feel the energy surrounding the area, and give it, and the Aboriginal people of Australia, the respect they deserve.
This ring features a gorgeous Ocean Jasper, full of pinks, yellows, reds, and ochres. While the colors may not be exactly reminiscent of Uluru, the shape certainly is. I imagine there have been many trails in the land to, from, and around the great Rock.
"Dreaming of Uluru" is built of Sterling Silver, with a patina to contrast with the gorgeous colors of the stone, and to enhance the trails along the accenting Silver.
The stamp on the back lets you know it's handmade, with love, by me.
Sterling Silver
Ocean Jasper
Size 5.5

Ring A Week No. 15
RAW 15/52
"A Little Glimmer"
Sterling Silver

Ring A Week No. 16
RAW 16/52
"Failed Attempt"
Sterling Silver

Ring A Week No. 17
RAW 17/52
"Of Lily Pads and Tadpoles"
When I was little, we had this little pond hidden away in our back yard, surrounded by beautiful trees. Every spring, we would rush down there to go fishing for tadpoles, which is great fun to a child. We would catch them and keep one or two, watching them in a bucket of pond water, before returning them to their brothers and sisters.
When I saw this stone, I was instantly reminded of a ponds dark water, flecked with lily pads, and all the mysteries within those waters.
Sterling Silver
Lily Pad Jasper
Size 7 US



  1. Wonderful pieces, gosh it would be hard to pick which one is the best they are so great. What stone is the liliy pad it was to cool.The Uluru was awesome the stone is fantastic love the way it was set you really showed the stone, Yes I like adding the silver shavings also for a neat effect definetly a great group of rings.


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